Are you struggling to keep your growing business organized and get tasks completed? Is administrative work taking time away from doing what you need to grow your business? You can overcome many such challenges with a little outside assistance from a Virtual Assistant.

Remote Administrative Services

Virtual AssistantA Virtual Assistant can help you with a wide variety of tasks. They can take over management of your email inbox, assist where they can and forward only necessary inquiries and emails to you. They can manage your calendar, including meeting schedules and reminders. They can help with social media posting and monitor and respond to comments. You may need help with website updates and blog postings. Or assistance with bookkeeping functions, including customer billings, postings, and collections. The possibilities are limited only by your VA’s training and experience.

In addition, you pay only for services you use and only when you use them. You also save on employee-related overhead costs such as benefits, office space and equipment. You’ll spend less time on repetitive tasks and be able to focus on business growth activities.

Workflow Management

WorkflowBusinesses often find themselves using a variety of online applications or business tools that they add as needed. These can become cumbersome and may result in duplication of efforts when the same information is in multiple systems.

An Online Business Manager (OBM) can audit your online systems and applications to determine if they integrate efficiently and cost-effectively. They’ll offer alternatives to consider that could improve the efficiency of your workflow and save time.

An Online Business Manager can establish and document standard operating procedures for core business functions like scheduling, project management, team coordination, and email marketing, to name a few. With these changes, essential business functions will run smoothly and efficiently.

An Online Business Manager can coordinate team members, with each task performed by appropriate personnel. They can recommend outsourcing or bringing on new team members, when necessary, to ensure that your company meets their milestones and deadlines and that your team can complete projects on schedule.

Online Event Management

Virtual EventWhile hosting events online was already a growing trend, COVID-19 has accelerated their popularity. They are very much in demand.

Businesses must put time and care into even planning and setup. You need to choose the best platform for events and the appropriate format, such as live discussion, attendee participation, use of videos or screen sharing.

Is the cost of the platform appropriate for the expected number of attendees? How well does this platform integrate with your firm’s payment methods or accounting software? Email automations, social media, company website? What after even follow-up is needed, and who will be responsible for that?

You must coordinate registrations, payments, and numerous other things. You need to approach this time-consuming process in an organized manner. Outsourcing it as a project to a contractor who will work with you can simplify it. You can provide the event experience you want to your customers and take the strictly administrative tasks off your to-do list.