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At Virtual Success, we extend our expertise in providing tailored online business management services to help small business owners achieve their goals. Our services are designed to enhance your business processes, streamline workflows, and automate tedious tasks, so that you can focus on what you’re passionate about. 

We work closely with you to identify areas of improvement in your business processes and offer creative solutions to address them. Our services include process mapping, which involves analyzing your current processes and identifying inefficiencies, streamlining and automating business processes, project management, and writing standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

We are dedicated to ensuring that your daily tasks are completed promptly and efficiently, within the expected timeframe. We believe that by working together, we can help your business thrive and achieve the success it deserves.

We invite you to CONTACT US directly. We are excited to help you achieve your business goals!

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I can’t imagine my business without Cheryl. Cheryl has helped me organize and systemize my tasks creating valuable time to work on the things that make me money. She is extremely organized and has the ability to see what you need to streamline your efforts. She pays for herself 🙂

Mary Ann Marriott

Your Spiritual Hostess


Cheryl is one of those exceptional people who loves organization and will streamline your business so it runs smoothly! Highly recommend Cheryl!

Dalene Allen

BNI Maritimes


I wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl Deluca and her company, Virtual Success Online Business Management. Cheryl is an expert in automation services, helping businesses streamline their operations and manage tasks efficiently. Her innovative solutions and commitment to excellence have transformed the way her clients run their businesses. If you’re looking to enhance productivity and efficiency, Cheryl is the person to call.

Basam Murtaza Tahoor

Tahoors Creative Marketing

About Me

Cheryl Deluca

I’m Cheryl Deluca. I’m a Nova Scotia native who loves living here! My father was in the Navy, so we moved around a lot within Canada from coast to coast, in between, and even overseas for one posting. I was fortunate enough to travel to even more destinations over the years due to our nomadic lifestyle and our family’s habit of jumping in the car for our vacations and hitting the road. But when we moved back to Nova Scotia, even though I was grateful to have so many unique experiences, I felt I had returned home.

Before my recent experience as an Online Business Manager, I worked in different corporate administrative settings, providing administrative and customer service expertise. I was fortunate enough to work for companies that had very customer-service-oriented environments.

One of my managers expressed his philosophy in a way that resonated with me. He said he thought of everyone our department interacted with as our customers, including not only the company’s customers but also everyone in other departments within the company. Our actions and how we relate to people make a lasting impression, and I believe we should do our best to ensure every interaction leaves a positive impression.

Throughout my career in office settings, I’ve embraced change and learned new skills as new business applications and technology emerged. The landscape has certainly evolved, and I’ve found joy in mastering new systems and processes. My passion for organization and belief in the power of systems and automation remain steadfast, making me a reliable partner in building a solid business structure. 

My career in various administrative roles has allowed me to witness the transformative power of well-implemented systems. I find my true calling, my ‘zone of genius ‘, in systems and organization. This love for my work translates into a dedicated and committed approach to every task I undertake.

I love to indulge my creativity when I’m not working as a VA. I love cooking and am always trying out new dishes and styles of cooking. I often have some “project” on the go, and over the years, I’ve indulged in photography, crochet and cross-stitch, oil painting, and most recently, I’ve been giving watercolours a go. When I’m not expressing my creativity, I like to get together with family and friends as often as possible or relax at home with my two cats, River and Streamer.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about me, I’m eager to hear about you and your business. Your unique needs and goals are what drive my passion for providing tailored services. I’m excited to explore how my expertise can benefit you and your business!